S. No Title of the Paper Author(s) Volume Issue Year
1 Revisiting the Missing Theories of Organizational Justice Ahmed Ullah Shah, Anwar F. Chishti, Zeeshan Zeb Khattak 13 3 2021
2 Risk Aversion or Institutional Myopism; the mediating role of Financial Performance in the relationship of Corporate Social Responsibility and Institutional Ownership Maira Zeb, Laila Taskeen Qazi, Muhammad Nouman 13 3 2021
3 Career Choice of Health Workforce in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Saima Wazir 13 3 2021
4 Cash Flow Volatility and Debt Maturity Structure: Role of Macroeconomic Factors Sania Shaheen,  Babar Hussain ,
Arshad Ali Bhatti
13 3 2021
5 Workplace Bullying and Intention to Leave: The Mediating Role of Emotional Exhaustion Jawad Khan, Amna Ali, Hena Gul Nisar 13 3 2021