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1 The Effect of Ethical Leadership on Organizational Learning: Evidence from a Petroleum Company Muhammad Usman, Ahmed Abdul Hameed 9 4 2017
2 Service Failures and Consumer Responses: Exploring the Antecedents of Consumer Dissatisfaction and Propensity to Complain Qaiser Rashid Janjua 9 4 2017
3 Understanding Internal, External and Relational Attributions in Reaction to Corporate Social Responsibility Ifzal Ahmad 9 4 2017
4 Antecedents of Organizational Performance in Challenging Business Environment: The role of Employee Commitment and Supply Chain Integration Mian Muhammad Atif, Sajjad Nazir, Syed Muhammad Abdullah 9 4 2017
5 Problems and Challenges in Skills Development: A Perspective from Professional Accounting Education Gohar Saleem Parvaiz, Owais Mufti, Saleem Gul 9 4 2017
6 Psychological Determinants of Graduate Employability: A Comparative Study of Business and Agriculture Students Across Pakistan Haroon Bakari, Imamuddin Khoso 9 4 2017
7 Does Participative Leadership Promote Innovative Work Behavior: The Moderated Mediation Model Tasneem Fatima, Mehwish Majeed, Imran Saeed 9 4 2017
8 Collaborative Dynamics of Creative Teams: Modeling Creative Process in Advertising Design Wisal Ahmad, Mark Stufhaut, Joe Labianca 9 4 2017
9 Do Hope Foster Innovative Work Behavior through Employee Engagement and Knowledge Sharing Behavior? A Conservation of Resources Approach Using MPLUS tool Afsheen Fatima, Muhammad Asif Khan 9 4 2017
10 Stock Price Synchronicity and Information Environment Ahmad Fraz, Arshad Hassan 9 4 2017
11 Corporate Governance and Downside Systematic Risk with a Moderating Role of Socio-Political in Pakistan Shahzad Hussain, Syed Muhammad Amir Shah 9 4 2017
12 Forewarning Bankruptcy: An Indigenous Model for Pakistan Muhammad Shahzad Ijaz, Ahmed Imran Hunjra, Rauf I Azam 9 4 2017
13 Determinants of Trade Credit Extended by Manufacturing Firms Listed in Pakistan Nisar Ahmad, Talat Afza, Bilal Nafees 9 4 2017