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1 Role of Liquidity in Explaining Anomalous Returns: Evidence from Emerging Market Mohsin Sadaqat, Hilal Anwar Butt 9 3 2017
2 The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Default Risk: Empirical evidence from US Firms Muhammad Suhail Rizwan, Asifa Obaid, Dawood Ashraf 9 3 2017
3 Firm Characteristics and Cash-Cash Flow Sensitivity of the Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan Saddiqa, Ayaz ul Haq 9 3 2017
4 Islamic Calendar Anomalies: Evidence from Pakistan Fatima Syed, Naimat U. Khan 9 3 2017
5 Impact of Workforce Development on Organizational Effectiveness: Evidence from Pakistani Public-Sector Organizations Waqar Ahmad Saleem Qazi 9 3 2017
6 Relationship Dynamics of Burnout, Turnover Intentions and Workplace Incivility Perceptions Muhammad Adeel Anjum, Anjum Parvez, Ammarah Ahmed 9 3 2017
7 Knowledge Management Practices and Organizational Performance of SMEs in Pakistan Chaudhry Abdul Khaliq 9 3 2017
8 Revision and Validation of Retail Service Quality Scale in Branchless Banking Tehreem Ali, Rauf I Azam, Ahmed Imran Hunjra 9 3 2017
9 Advanced Education and Entrepreneurship: Mediating Role of Information & Communication and Personal Freedom Noreen Zahra, Maryam Ahmad 9 3 2017
10 Analysis of Employees’ Perception of Workplace Support and Level of Motivation in Public Sector Healthcare Organization Zia Ullah, Muhammad Zeb Khan, Muhammad Siddique 9 3 2017
11 Understanding the Linkage among Public Procurement (PP), Corruption, and Tax Morale (TM) Through Agency Theory (AT): A Review Zeeshan Noor Siddiqui 9 3 2017