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1 Inward FDI in East Asian & Pacific Developing Countries due to WTO Led Liberalisation Mumtaz Hussain Shah 9 2 2017
2 Authentic Leadership Questionnaire: Case of its Validation through Structural Equation Modelling; Evidence from Pakistan Haroon Bakari, Ahmed Imran Hunjra 9 2 2017
3 Impact of Excess Control, Ownership Structure and Corporate Governance on Firm Performance of Diversified Group Firms in Pakistan Waseem Ullah, Shahid Ali, Sajid Mehmood 9 2 2017
4 The Impact of Supportive Work Environment, Trust, and Self-Efficacy on Organizational Learning and Its Effectiveness: A Stimulus-Organism Response Approach Saman Attiq, Hassan Rasool, Shahid Iqbal 9 2 2017
5 Factors Influencing Consumer Intentions to Adopt Online Banking in Malaysia Aftab Parvez Khan, Shahnawaz Khan, Ivan Ang Ri Xiang 9 2 2017
6 Skills Acquisition Shortfall: A Study of Professional Accounting Education Gohar Saleem Parvaiz, Owais Mufti, Muhammad Wahab 9 2 2017
7 Interrelationship Among Basel Capital Regulation, Risk, and Efficiency in Pakistani Commercial Banks Adnan Bashir, Arshad Hassan 9 2 2017
8 Collaborative Islamic Banking Service: The Case of Ijarah Karim Ullah, Wafi Al-Karaghouli, Shafiullah Jan 9 2 2017
9 Discrepancies in Fiscal Architecture: Context and Causes of Devolution Reforms’ Outcomes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Aamer Taj, Fahad Abdullah 9 2 2017
10 Indirect Effects of FNE and POP on Emotional Exhaustion: The Role of Facades of Conformity Mansoor Anjum, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah 9 2 2017
11 Earnings Quality: A Missing Link between Corporate Governance and Firm Value Khalid Latif, Arshad Ali Bhatti, Abdul Raheman 9 2 2017