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i. The Editor’s Note
1 Compositional Changes in Public Expenditure and Economic Growth: Time Series Evidence from Pakistan Ibrar Hussain, Zahoor Khan, Muhmmad Rafiq 9 1 2017
2 Political Institutions and the Incidence of FDI in South Asia Mumtaz Hussain Shah 9 1 2017
3 Environmental Upgrading in Pakistan’s Sporting Goods Industry in Global Value Chains: A Question of Progress? Amira Khattak, Christina Stringer 9 1 2017
4 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Pakistan: A Critique of the Literature and Future Research Agenda Mohammad Sohail Yunis, Laila Durrani, Amad Khan 9 1 2017
5 Did Financial Integration Provide Financial Depth to ASEAN Countries? Mazhar Mahmood, Kashif ur Rehman 9 1 2017
6 Sharī’ah Audit and Supervision in Sharī’ah Governance Framework: Exploratory Study of Islamic Banks in Pakistan1 Muhammad Asghar Shahzad, Syed Kashif Saeed, Asim Ehsan 9 1 2017
7 Success Factors of Collaboration in Islamic Banks Naeem Muzafar, Karim Ullah 9 1 2017
8 The Individual’s Influence on Low-Technology Innovation: A Critical Realism Based Case Study on North-West Pakistan’s Marble Sector Muhammad Nouman, Aamer Taj, Saleem Gul 9 1 2017
9 Board Characteristics, Political Connections, and Corporate Cash Holdings: The Role of Firm Size and Political Regime Sabeeh Ullah, Yasir Kamal 9 1 2017
10 The Impact of Perceived Internal Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Micro-Perspective Analysis Iffat Rasool, Ansir Rajput 9 1 2017