S.R Title of the Paper Author(s) Volume Issue Year
1 Return Volatility and Macroeconomic Factors: A Comparison of US and Pakistani Firms Sharif Ullah Jan, Hashim Khan 10 2 2018
2 Exploring the links between Ethical Leadership and Organizational Unlearning: A Case Study of a European Multinational Company Muhammad Usman Ahmed, Abdul Hameed, Shahid Manzoor 10 2 2018
3 When ‘Ameen’ Turns into a Thief: A Case of Weak Internal Controls in a Commercial Bank Ali Abdullah, Shafiullah Jan, Adnan Malik 10 2 2018
4 Market Concentration, Risk-taking, and Efficiency of Commercial Banks in Pakistan: An Application of the Two-Stage Double Bootstrap DEA Ikram Ullah Khan, Sadaqat Ali, Habib Nawaz Khan 10 2 2018
5 Tunneling: Evidence from Family Business Groups of Pakistan Shahid Hussain, Nabeel Safdar 10 2 2018
6 Corporate Governance and Accounting Conservatism: Moderating role of Audit Quality and Disclosure Quality Muhammad Bilal Saeed, Syed Kashif Saeed 10 2 2018
7 The Determinants of Cash Holdings around Different Regions of the World Ummar Aftab, Attiya Yasmin Javid, Waseem Akhter 10 2 2018