Farid Ullah Khan Makes History for IMSciences First ever student from IMSciences since its inception in 1995, and the only Pakistani to be awarded with Prestigious Australian Government Scholarship, The Endeavour Award, for the Year 2013 This year, 2013, when the brilliant brains across the globe will be standing at the podium in Australia to embark the flags of their nations to be lifted on the posts, the green flag will also be raised. And the credit for this great honour to bring Pakistan on the fore front goes to one lad hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province – Farid Ullah Khan. Farid Ullah Khan studied at Edwardes College Peshawar, and Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) Peshawar, Pakistan, and has represented Pakistan and South Asia in several international forums. He is one of the founding members of IMSciences Adventure Club. Farid volunteered with TakingItGlobal (TIG), Canada, and was declared Commonwealth Young Professional in the year 2011. Most recently, he has been awarded one the prestigious scholarship, the Endeavour Award, from Government of Australia, to pursue his higher studies. The Endeavour Award is the most competitive and prestigious award from Government of Australia; which is open to candidates from both developing and developed countries, and even Australians compete for this award. This award is as competitive as ‘The Rhodes Scholarship’ for UK or ‘The Fulbright Scholarship’ for USA. It is worth mentioning that he is the only Pakistani, who has been selected by Australian Government, among all the ten categories of Endeavour Award, for the year 2013. Farid, a State Alumnus, also participated in the formation of three Guinness World Records (GWRs) during the world’s largest youth festival ever; Punjab Youth Festival (PYF) 2012, held in Lahore, Pakistan. The PYF 2012 was organized by Punjab Sports Board (PSB), Government of Punjab, Pakistan in collaboration with Guinness World Records (GWR) Headquarters, United Kingdom. More than three million people participated in this mega event. He served as a Team Leader and Area Manager during the execution of the records becoming first ever alumnae of IMSciences to set multiple GWRs. The details of the records can be found online;

Link: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2012/10/how-pakistan-put-itself-on-the-record-breaking-map-with-flag-and-national-anthem-titles-45699/ According to Farid; “All day dreams are not unrealistic”