Our Mission

The Student World Assembly is a non-governmental, non­partisan organization created to represent students globally. It provides a deliberative assembly where students around the world can exchange views, vote on global issues through online discussion forums and in annual international conventions, and translate these views into meaningful actions.

Our Democratic Philosophy

The Student World Assembly believes that true global democracy affirms fundamental human rights, which include the dignity and worth of all human beings, the equal rights of men and women, social, economic and cultural justice for every person, and the freedom to promote these causes. SWA’s representative democracy offers a powerful instrument for addressing the vital social and political conditions that threaten our global future. The informed wishes of the people, conveyed through the collective of a democratic assembly, need to be heard in the decision-making processes. By giving students from the most remote to the more accessible institutions an equal voice, we are enabling all students to educate, participate and take action, and to begin thinking of themselves as global citizens.

SWA IMSciences chapter was formed in May, 2007 with its aim to educate the students of IMSciences in particular about the growing global issues which require due attention, so that these future leaders should take active part in solving these problem in their own capacities.

SWA IMSciences Chapter Management Team

SWA managing team comprises of faculty advisor and the following students who rendered their services for SWA IMSciences chapter voluntarily.

Faculty Advisor Roomy Sajjad
President Muhammad Yameen Khattak
Vice President Jawad Khan Usafzai
Treasurer Jawad Khan Khattak
Media Coordinator Murtaza Khaliq
Sectary Akbar Majeed

Recent Events

  • Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility, April 4, 2008
  • Lecture on Materialism, January 24, 2008
  • Conference on Human Trafficking, June 4, 2007