The IMSciences Student Lifebook contains rules and guidance (academic & nonacademic) regarding students’ survival as a disciplined member of the Institute community.

Non-academic Policies

Discipline & Dress Code

  • The entire student body is required to abide by the prescribed Students Conduct and Discipline Rules 2000 of the Institute. Participating in any activities promoted by political parties, student federations, and ethnic or linguistic groups are strictly prohibited. Violation regarding these rules is subject to punitive action according to the Conduct.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the vicinity of the campus: violation leads to penalties and suspension as per the Conduct.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed into the classrooms, theatres, as well as libraries.
  • In order to maintain academic dignity, promote proper scholastic environment, and develop well-groomed personalities, all students are encouraged to assume sophisticated attire. Female students, in particular, are required to be dressed in white overalls.