IMSciences is now over 22 years old, and can boast of a strong force of alumni. Our students have shown their presence, and some their excellence, in many walks of life. It is always such a great pleasure to see a young person greet me at a business center, a bank or government office, even in hospitals and airports, proudly introducing themselves as an alumni of IMSciences.

Alumni are to their organization what foundations are to a building. A strong force of alumni will help in keeping their organization abreast of latest trends and developments in their respective fields. Your professional support to IMSciences can come in many ways, such as developing linkages with industry, students’ mentoring, guiding students in choosing a career or starting businesses, network establishment, and enhancing the brand image of the Institution.

I hope that our efforts to develop and strengthen the IMSciences alumni force/community will bear fruit Inshallah very soon, and will become a buoyant, resilient, and a proud alumni network. Wish you Godspeed in your professional endeavors, and a prosperous and happy family life!

Prof. Dr. Usman Ghani