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    • Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORICs) was established in the Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar in 2010.
    • It was notified on May 2011 by HEC.
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Scope of ORIC

  1. Provide a one-stop office for supporting, advising, and monitoring quality of research.
  2. Strengthen institutional collaboration between university researchers and potential users of research in government, industry, and communities.
  3. Mobilize resources for research from national and international funding bodies.
  4. Establish an Ethical Institutional Review Board (IRB) in the university to undertake meticulous reviews of research proposals before submission to national and international funding bodies, to ensure that all research, especially research on human subjects, adheres to ethics guidelines.
  5. Develop the university’s IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Policy and ensure that the interests of researchers and faculty-members are fully protected.
  6. Identify, build, and market the intellectual property of the university personnel (faculty, students and researchers) through a range of licensing and spin-off arrangements.
  7. ORIC will provide the Advance Studies and Research Board (AS&RB) an annual report describing priority areas for research for graduate studies and highlighting the research achievements of the University.
  8. Provide support to the researchers to access relevant research data about their district.



Dr. Awais Adnan

Coordinator ORIC, Professor, Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar

awais.adnan@imsciences.edu.pk | Ext: 326


Mr. Omar Bin Samin

Manager Research Development, Lecturer, Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar

Email: omar.samin@imsciences.edu.pk | Ext: 662


Ms. Qurat ul Ain

Manager University-Industrial Linkages and Technology Transfer | Lecturer, Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar

Email: quratulain@imsciences.edu.pk  | Ext: 409


Ms. Muska Mukhtar

Manager Research Operations |Lecturer, Institute Management Sciences Peshawar

Email: muska.mukhtar@imsciences.edu.pk  | Ext: 430 

hakeem photo

Mr. Hakeem-Ur-Rehman khan

Research Associate/Intern

Email: hakeem.khan@imsciences.edu.pk | Ext: 326 


Mr. Irshad Ullah

Research Associate/Intern

Email: irshad.oric@imsciences.edu.pk | Ext: 326 

Contact Us

Mailing Address: Institute of Management Sciences 1-A, Sector E5, Phase VII, Hayatabad, Peshawar, Pakistan.
Email: oric@imsciences.edu.pk
Phone Number: 091-9217451 | Ext: 326