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Title: Understanding Islamic Financial Service: Theory & Practice
Publisher: Kogan Page
Dr. Karim Ullah , Dr. Wafi Al Karaghouli


Title: Introduction to Takaful: Theory & Practice
Publisher: CEIF IMSciences Both English and Urdu version.
Mr. Adnan Malik, Dr. Karim Ullah


Title: Shariah Boards
Publisher: CEIF IMSciences
Mufti Muhammad Iqbal, Dr. Lutfullah Saqib


Title: The Impact of Afghan Transit Trade on NWFP’s Economy

Publisher: Hann Seidal Foundation Germany, Islamabad

Dr. Sayed Waqar Hussain Shah-Assistant Professor


Title: Adding Functionality to Buttons: A Beginner’s Guide

Publisher: Sun Microsystems and NetBeans.

Mr. Saleem Gul-Assistant Professor


Title: Microfinance and Women Empowerment in Pakistan

Publisher: VDM, Germany, June 2009

Ms. Salma Amir-Lecturer


Title: Integrity Based Access Control: A Case Study in Remote Attestation (Paperback)

Description: Security issues in a networked environment include threats to either end-point and the conduit between them. Issues related to enterprise servers and communication channels have been studied at length in subjects such as cryptography and system security… Buy at Amazon…

Tamleek Ali
Mohammad Nauman
Muhammad Masoom Alam


Title: Common Sense and Folksonomy: Engineering a Model for an Intelligent Search System

The massive growth in size of the Internet has resulted in increased difficulty in organizing and searching through the information present on it. Several strategies have been employed to tackle this problem. With the coming of Web2.0, user-created data and sharing of information …

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Mohammad Nauman


Title: Model Driven Security for the Realization of Dynamic Security Requirements (Paperback)

Description: Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) with underlying technologies like web services and web services orchestration have opened the door to a wide range of novel application scenarios, especially in the con­text of inter-organizational cooperation and business process inte­gration … more

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Muhammad Masoom Alam


Title: Midsummer Night’s Dream : Shakespeare’s Syzygy of Meaning, has been published by Dorrance

Publisher: Pittsburgh, USA

Dr. Muhammad Ismail Wali, Assistant Professor