Program Objectives

The MS Management is a full-time degree program spanning eighteen months and designed to foster research skills among business graduates. It is aimed at those students who want to delve further into their understanding of business, management, and allied fields through advanced level research work. This unique program aims at enhancing students’ knowledge and skills regarding management research while broadening their knowledge of Management as a subject and strengthening their critical thinking abilities. It aspires to develop students’ knowledge of Management specializations (Finance, Marketing, HRM) with an emphasis on latest research within their chosen subject domain thus enabling them to apply their knowledge and skills associated with research and to further strengthen these skills through practical research work.

The program also lays emphasis on non-traditional teaching methodologies characterized by take home exams, arduous reading, and self-taught learning. Additionally, we provide learning opportunities to the students other than the formal class sessions. This is made possible through research seminars, workshops and short courses conducted via our Video Conferencing facilities by academics from USA, UK as well as Pakistan. These activities allow the students to interact with and learn from internationally accomplished researchers. We encourage our students to actively engage in writing research papers and submit them to local and internationally recognized journals for publication.

Eligibility for Admission

16 years of education in the relevant disciplines with a 2.70 CGPA or 60 % marks in the annual system (with a minimum of 130 credit hours in Bachelors and 60 credit hours in the Master program in the relevant field) from any HEC recognized institution/University.

Qualifying the ETS-GRE general test/NTS-GAT General /Institute’s own test or any other test required by the HEC with 50% marks and interview is mandatory for admission.

The Hafiz Quran shall be given a special credit of 20 marks.

Degree Requirements

A student admitted into the MS Management shall be required to complete 24 credit hours of course work along with six (6) credit hours of research work/dissertation. The scheme of the program is given below:

  1. No. of Semesters             03
  2. Core Courses                   12 Credit hours
  3. Specialization Courses   12 Credit hours
  4. Dissertation                      06 Credit hours
  5. Total Credit Hours           30 Credit hours


Semester Wise Breakup of Courses

Semester 1
Course Title Credits
Applied Research Method
Advance Readings in Management
Elective 1
Elective 2
Semester 2
S.No Code Course Title Credits
MSM-771 Logic and critical thinking
MSM-792 Quantitative and Qualitative Techniques
MSM-700 Elective – 3
MSM-700 Elective – 4
Semester 3
S.No Code Course Title Credits
MSM-793 Dissertation
Areas of Specialization for MS and PhD Management

IMSciences offers specializations within the following three areas of Management:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management


Elective Courses


1. Econometrics
2. Financial Econometrics
3. Theory of Finance
4. International Financial Management
5. Financial Risk Management
6. Strategic Management for Financial Managers
7. Macroeconomics and Financial Markets
8. Portfolio Theories and Investment Analysis
9. Managerial Economics
10. Analysis of Financial Statements
11. Seminar in Finance


1. Marketing Research
2. Consumer Behavior
3. Strategic Product and Brand Management
4. Marketing Strategy: Concepts and Practices
5. Data Analysis for Management Applications
6. Seminar in Marketing
7. International Marketing
8. Internet Marketing
9. Strategic Marketing Issues in Business
10. Marketing for Non-profit Organizations

Human Resource Management

1. Staff Compensation Management
2. Strategic Planning and HRM Challenges
3. Organizational Diagnosis and Transformation
4. Consulting in Human Resource Management
5. Directed Research in Human Resource Development
6. Salary and Compensation Management
7. Case Studies in HRM
8. Conflict and Negotiation Management
9. Change Management
10. International HRM Challenges
11. Performance Evaluation
12. Workforce Diversity Management (WDM)
13. Decision Making Techniques for Managers
14. Organizational Development
15. Managerial Leadership

Contact: Enquiries can be made from the Admissions Office or the office of the Program Coordinator.
Email:  Tel: (+92-91) 9217451/52 & 5861024/25