Gul Wali Shah MBA (General) Session 2009-2011
In his village, Bara Qamber Khel, Khyber Agency

Availing fully funded scholarship under USAID Need Based Merit Scholarship Programme Project

Step Forward and Build your Future !
Higher Education seems like a wishful dream to the people in the area from where I belong. I never had the ways and means to make this dream turn into reality. I have always had the passion to go beyond the boundaries of my region. But as they say “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

I owe my gratitude to IM|Sciences and the USAID Need Based and Merit Scholarship Program for giving a shape to my dream. They helped me achive what seemed ever so impossible to me. I want to encourage the youth of the region to step forward and take their initiatives, not fear the challenges coming their way because the helping hands are there.