Article Submission and Processing Policies

  1. The Editor checks each submitted article or invites relevant co-Editor to assess:
    1. relevancy of the article to the scope of AJIF
    2. that the article is free from gross grammatical and conceptual mistakes
    3. that the article makes enough contribution to the literature
    4. that the topic is interesting, and is highly relevant to practice
    5. that the methods applied are appropriate
  2. If an article fails to qualify the criteria mentioned in 1(a-e), the Editor will send a rejection email to authors within 15 working days of the submission.
  3. Authorship cannot be changed after first review of the paper.
  4. Each article is checked for a similarity index using Turnitin®. An article having a similarly index of 19% in total and/or 5% with a single source will be rejected.

Copyright Policy

Authors sign an exclusive license agreement, where authors have copyright but license exclusive rights in their article to the publisher. In this case authors have the right to:

  • Share their article in the same ways permitted to third parties under the relevant user license
  • Retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights (including research data)
  • Proper attribution and credit for the published work

Article Retraction / Correction Policies

The journal editors will retract a paper if:

  • they have clear evidence that the findings are unreliable, either as a result of misconduct (e.g. data fabrication) or honest error (e.g. miscalculation or experimental error).
  • its findings have previously been published elsewhere without proper cross-referencing, permission or justification
  • it constitutes plagiarism
  • it reports unethical research

Journal editors will issue an expression of concern if:

  • they receive insufficient or inconclusive evidence of research or publication misconduct on part of the authors
  • there is evidence that the findings are unreliable but the authors’ institution will not investigate the case