Good education plays an important role in the socio-economic advancement of a young mind, and indeed, it promotes the socio-economic development of a country. Fortunate are those who avail opportunities to seek higher education for their own benefit and for the good of the country. In Pakistan, only 15% of your age group i.e. 16-25 years old can avail such an opportunity to enroll in a university.

As you take this bold step of educating your mind and your body in a challenging and a very demanding time, the Institute of Management Sciences welcomes you and extends its full support to you towards achieving your academic goals. The faculty members, staff and facilities at IMSciences are amongst the best in the country, and will help you immensely in your endeavors to acquire knowledge, degrees, skills and the abilities needed to become a productive and a responsible citizen of today’s global society.

Many things are happening around us, and I am sure you would want to belong to the group of people who make things happen, and not be part of the group who wonder what has happened. You need to be fully aware of the issues that we are facing in our society and the country, as well as the issues we will be facing in the not too distant future. Some of these, as you may know, are water scarcity, food security, population explosion, social inequality, climate change, and of course poverty and unemployment. We cannot close our eyes to these impediments to the growth of our country, but we can open up our minds to try to develop some solutions to these issues, even if individually we are fortunate enough to lead comfortable lives. Countries that have progressed well, have done so on the strength of an educated population, technology advances and a will to succeed. At the IMSciences, the faculty members and staff are highly qualified and trained to help you achieve your academic goals. We have centers of excellence such as Human Resource Development center, the Center for Public Policy and Research, Entrepreneurship Development Center, and the Centre of Excellence for Islamic Finance, which are actively involved in research, trainings and business and technology incubation.

One of the indicators of the success of an institute of higher education is the employability of its graduates. In this regard, it is quintessential that universities develop strong working relationships with the industries, business centers and community at large. For this purpose, IMSciences established Career Development Center for students, and over the course of time have worked on developing such linkages. Today, we have the privilege of working in close collaboration with the some of the finest multinational and local companies such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Philip Morris, PTC, Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Cherat Cement, State Bank, Bank Alfalah, Falah, Faysal Bank, Summit Bank. These companies regularly run on campus recruitment and internship drives at IMSciences . In a short span of one year 138 freshly graduated students of the institute have been placed directly through on campus recruitment, fifty plus career sessions were organized in collaboration with top class industry professionals and 200 plus internship opportunities have been created for the students of IMSciences.
We have an active office of research, innovation and commercialization which is involved in facilitating applied research and collaborating with research centers. In addition, our quality enhancement center ensures that we maintain the highest quality standards of higher education in the country. Our Business and Economic Review Journal also stands approved by the Higher Education Commission and is published bi annually. These facilities will offer you ample opportunities to excel in academic standings, research and job creation. As an institute owned by the Government of KPK, we maximize our financial resources to ensure that those who qualify on open merit, but need finances for their studies, do get full or partial funding for their studies. We operate about 46 need and merit based scholarship programmes, reaching out to 51% of our students.
This year we have further improved our infrastructural facilities and have added 5 new buildings to our existing facilities. These include; parking facilities, a student-teacher center, a new hostel, and auditorium and research center, and a full fledged gymnasium. These additional facilities will not only help us in further improving our academic programmes but they will also promote healthy extracurricular activities to strengthen your over all development towards a socially responsible and productive global citizen.

Wish you best of luck and Godspeed in your academic and professional development

Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Khan
Director IMSciences