Center for Water Informatics and Climate Resilience (CWC)

Center for Water Informatics and Climate Resilience (CWC) is responsible to provide national leadership with all relevant federal and provincial government, private sector and academia with a view to address water and climate change policies and strategies, and develop their capacities in an institutionalized and sustainable manner. The goals of the CWC are to:

  • Establish a national forum for discourses on climate resilience and rational use of water.
  • Develop and present policy alternatives as an aid to the federal and provincial governments to come up with a comprehensive and viable water and climate change policies.
  • Bring together creative minds from across development, corporate, and IT sectors to work with climate and water experts for deliberations on key issues as well as its solutions.
  • Carry out advocacy and networking for climate resilience and rational uses of water at the highest levels of government, civil society, and the corporate sector.
  • Provide networking on water and climate resilience with national and international universities.
  • Establish research excellence by creating and increasing the number of research grants related
    to water governance and climate resilience and at the provincial, national, and international level.
  • Provide consultations and resources to the government and industry.
  • Provide education and training to increase the number of skilled people to satisfy the needs of the government and private sector by supporting diploma, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

The Center is led by a Coordinator with support from a faculty of fellows engaged in diverse fields such as climate change, DRR, Water Governance, WaSH, Public Policy, SDGs, local governance, conflict & coexistence, gender, econometrics, and project management. Market based experts also regularly feature in our projects on need basis.