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Lincoln Reading Lounge

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The Lincoln Reading Lounge Peshawar is located in the central library of Institute Of Management Sciences Hayatabad,Peshawar, inaugurated on December 4, 2014.

Created through a partnership between the Public Affairs section of the US Consulate General in Peshawar and IMSciences, the Lincoln Reading Lounge is one of 18 such centers established so far in Pakistan.

The Lincoln Reading Lounge, at IMSciences Hayatabad Peshawar houses more than 300 books, documentary DVDs, and magazines. It also provides online access to more than 80,000 books, journals, and other learning resources through the eLibrary USA digital library. The new center also includes an audio-visual corner, internet terminals, and a digital conferencing facility.

The Center is open to IMSciences students, teachers, scholars and their visitors from morning till afternoon and provides up-to-date information on American people, history, society, geography, government and popular culture.


Foreign Academic Link Program & Scholarships

IMSciences Centers for Excellence in Information Technology and Business in coordination with the HEC have stepped in the community of leading institutions with a long and highly valuableresearch tradition. One of the most recent achievements is its linkage program. As the Institute is committed to sustaining a close relationship with the industry, it offers a number of opportunities for coorperation and growth. Our focus on the purpose of collaborations of linkages has expanded. Previously, our international linkages aimed at knowledge synthesis and at collaboration between academics. Now, our focus has shifted to students as direct beneficiaries of the program. Currently, we aim at getting our courses accredited in such a way as to make them recognized at face value rather than resorting to third party standardized testing. In this connection, MoUs have been signed with universities in UK including the University of Southampton, University of Hull, University of Glasgow, and Coventry University.

Split-site Degree Program

The Linkage program has also been extended to MS and PhD programs. This program is known as splitsite degree program. Candidates in the split program can pursue part of their course work/research at the partner Intitutions of UK in accordance with the rules laid down in the agreement and in compliance with the requirements of the collaborating institution’s approval of the supervising and administering authorities concerned.

U.S. Ambassador Richard G. Olson and Director IMSciences Dr. Muhammad Mohsin signing a three-year partnership agreement to set up a Lincoln Corner Reading Room at the Institute.

Advancement & Development

See what goes around our university

The objective of IM|Sciences Advancement and Development is to establish a self sustainable resource generation mechanism to fulfill the development and advancement needs of IM|Sciences and to enable the Institute to play its role in the regional and national development with support of its alumni, business sector, corporations, development sector and the community at large. These needs include infrastructure, research and development, fundraising, campus facilities and most importantly, students and faculty benefits of learning and development.

The advancement office focuses on the following areas through an integrated communication strategy and supports the initiatives and activities in a collaborative manner with partner organizations, businesses and stakeholders.


Vibrant Campus Life

IMSciences is a living organism in itself. Not a day goes by when the students aren’t involved in one activity or another, creating a rich and competitive environment on campus

Highly Qualified Faculty & Staff

The Institute boasts a significant number of highly qualified faculty in different academic disciplines, bringing in academic and professional excellence to the Institute

Financial Aid / Scholarships

The Institute has a generous financial aid and scholarship program, whereby needy and high performing students are provided with financial aid and scholarships respectively

Accreditation / Membership & Approval

IMSciences’ business administration programs are accredited by the National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC). We have academic partnerships with some of the best business schools the world over

Institute of Management Sciences (management education with public spirit and market dynamism)

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