IMSciences is proud to pioneer MBA Islamic Banking and Takaful in the region. The MBA Islamic Banking and Takaful is aimed at providing foundations for effective decision making within Islamic Financial Institutions. There is a concentrated emphasis on theory, processes, techniques, and practices of various disciplines such as Finance, Accounting, and Governance of Financial Institutions with particular emphasis on Shariah principles. The Students of this program will take benefit from continues interactive engagements with highly qualified faculty in Islamic Finance and experts of the Market. The Students will also have opportunities to take part in seminars of Islamic Banks and Takaful companies at IMSciences. The program runs at evening time and the career development centre will be happy to help the candidates in employability in day time. Candidates who are working at Banks and Insurance/Takaful companies are highly encouraged to apply to advance their careers through this specialized degree.

Degree Requirements

A candidate is required to complete at least 30 credit hours. Semester I and II carry course work of 24 credit hours. In Semester III, the students have an option to either take two elective courses of 3 credit hours each or a research thesis/project of 6 credit hours.

Eligibility for Admission

Candidates with a BBA (Hons) of least130 credit hours and a minimum of 2.5 CGPA and candidates with a BBS (2 years) of at least 60 credit hours and a minimum of 2.5 CGPA are eligible to apply. Candidates with any other type of 16 years Business and Islamic Law/Economics related subjects can also be considered for the admission to MBA Islamic Banking and Takaful. Qualifying the admission test and interview is compulsory. Candidates scoring less than 40% marks in test and interview will stand disqualified for admission. However, the Institute graduates are exempted from the requirement of test and interview Candidates who have secured at least 40% in the NTS-GAT General are also eligible to apply.

Semester Wise Breakup of Courses


Semester 1

Course Title
Credit Hours
IBT 701
Islamic law
IBT 702
Islamic Economic System 3
IBT 703
Islamic Modes of Finance and Investments 3
IBT 704
Introduction to Takaful 3

Semester 2

Course Title
Credit Hours
IBT 705 Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions 3
IBT 706 Accounting for Islamic Financial Institutions 3
Elective -I 3
Elective – II 3

Semester 3

Course Title
Credit Hours
Elective- III 3
Elective- IV 3
Research Thesis (In place of Elective III & IV) 6

Elective Courses

1. Underwriting and Claims Management in Takaful Companies
2. Financial Statement Analysis of Islamic Financial Institutions
3. Islamic Microfinance and Micro-Takaful
4. Corporate Governance, Audit & Supervision of Islamic Financial
5. Marketing of Islamic Financial Services
6. Designing and Development of Islamic Financial Services