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Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Dr. Shah Wali Khan

Name Dr. Shah Wali Khan
Status Assistant Professor
Designation/Centre Coordinator MBA Evening , BBS (Evening), MSc Finance
Qualification PhD, Massey University, New Zealand
MBA, Institute of Management Studies University of Peshawar
Research Area Accounting and Finance
Field of Specialization Accounting and Finance
Research Statement Determining the Value Relevance of Comprehensive Income.


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Shahwali Khan Value Relevance of Comprehensive Income Proceedings for ARA 2009: Auckland Regional Accounting Conference. Auckland, New Zealand November, 27, 2009


Shahwali Khan,Prof Michael Bradbury Informing the IASB/FASB Standard Setting Process Proceeding for ICOBM 2011: 1st International Conference on Business Management Lahore, Pakistan March 28-29, 2011