The Business Incubation Centre (BIC), IMSciences is established with the assistance of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan in order to promote entrepreneurship in the region. For this cause, the HEC developed necessary infrastructure in IMSciences where aspiring entrepreneurs would be groomed to advance their business ventures. The rudimentary purpose of BIC is to promote business ventures that are not only self-subsistent but also carry financial prospective.

The incubated startups are exposed to a number of services and resources beneficial for their business development. Any successful business incubatee would prove to be an asset for the society. It would help create new technologies, more jobs, and develop a much needed entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

The rudimentary purpose of any business incubation is to promote and boost successful business start-ups. As such, BIC is responsible for providing targeted services, tools and resources to budding entrepreneurs. The active program would provide customized consultancy services, training, well-educated workforce, financial and marketing assistance as well as technological expertise to the business incubatees. Resultantly, a number of different services would be provided for the growth of new business ventures, all under one roof.


Our main objectives are,

  • Promoting Self-employment/ Entrepreneurship among youth.

  • Improving efficiency of startup companies and young entrepreneurs.

  • Helping business development in fields of Finance, Marketing and Management.

  • Assisting startups in network development.


  • To embolden an entrepreneurial culture.

  • Capital flow in national economy.

  • Market strengthening.

  • Strengthening networks between academia and industry.

  • Promoting innovation through research based initiatives.

Incubate Selection Process