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Faculty Profile

Names Qualification Field of Specialization Status Designation/Center
Dr. M. Mohsin Khan Doctorate in Business Administration,United States International, San Diego, California, USA
MBA, United States International University, USA
Finance Faculty Member Director
Dr. Usman Ghani
(HEC Scholar)
Post Doctorate, Gatton College of Business & Economics,University of Kentucky,USA, PhD from SZABIST, Islamabad Management Sciences Associate Professor Joint Director
Dr. Iftikhar-ul-Amin PhD at Qurtuba University, Peshawar, Pakistan. Finance Assistant Professor Deputy Director
Dr. Muhammad Ali
(HEC Scholar)
(on Leave)
PhD from University of Innsbruck, Austria Computer Science Associate Professor
Dr. Atta ur Rahman
(Endeavour Fellow ,HEC Scholar),HEC Approved Supervisor
Post doctorate from University of Queensland,Australia.
PhD from University of Technology Vienna, Austria
Econometrics,Statistics Associate Professor Coordinator MS & PhD Economics
Dr. Muhammad Imran Wazir
(HEC Scholar)
PhD at SZABIST, Islamabad
Strategic Management Associate Professor Coordinator MBA(Evening), MSc Finance
Dr. Waqar Hussain Shah PhD from University of Peshawar Economics Assistant Professor
Dr. Zohra Jabeen
(HEC Scholar)
PhD, MAJU, Islamabad, MS, International Banking & Financial Studies, University of Southampton, UK Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking & Finance Assistant Professor
Dr. Ismail Wali PhD from University of Peshawar English Assistant Professor Coordinator M.Phil English
Dr.Saleem Gul
(HEC Scholar)
PhD,University of Southampton, UK
Project Management Assistant Professor Coordinator MS Project Management
Dr. Awais Adnan
(HEC Scholar)
PhD from IMSciences, Peshawar
MS, National University of Science & Technology, Rawalpindi
Computer Science Assistant Professor Coordinator ORIC
Dr. Tamleek Ali Tanveer
(HEC Scholar)
PhD from IMSciences,Peshawar
MS, International Islamic University Islamabad
Computer Science Assistant Professor Coordinator System & ERP
Dr. Tayyaba Azim PhD, University of Southampton, UK
MS(CS), National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Islamabad
Computer Science Assistant Professor Manager, University-Industry Linkage and Technical Transfer
Dr. Zafar Zaheer
(HEC Scholar)
PhD from University of Peshawar Applied Statistics Assistant Professor
Dr. Yasir Kamal
(HEC Scholar)
PhD from SZABIST, Islamabad Finance Assistant Professor
Dr. Fakhri Alam Khan
(HEC Scholar)
Post-Doc from Technical University of Vienna, Austria (2017 Ernst Mach Fellowship)
PhD from University of Vienna, Austria
Computer Science Assistant Professor
Dr. Imran Ahmed Mughal
(HEC Scholar)
PhD (Computer Science), University of Southampton, UK
MS-IT, imsciences, Peshawar
M.Sc(Computer Science), University of Peshawar
Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing Assistant Professor
Dr. Waseef Jamal
(HEC Scholar)
PhD, Foundation University Islamabad Organizational Behaviour Assistant Professor
Dr. Sajid Anwar
(HEC Scholar)
PhD from FAST Software Engineering Assistant Professor Coordinator BSc Software Engineering
Dr. Shahid Ali
(HEC Scholar)
MS, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University
MSc (Statistics), University of Peshawar
Finance/Statistics Assistant Professor
Dr. Attaullah Shah
(HEC Scholar)
PhD from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University ,Islamabad Finance Assistant Professor Editor, Business & Economic Review
Dr. Romana Bangash
(HEC Scholar)
PhD, University of Grenoble, France
MS Financial Policies and Markets,University of Rennes 1, France.
Finance Assistant Professor
Dr. Shah Wali Khan PhD, Massey University, New Zealand
MBA, Institute of Management Studies University of Peshawar
Accounting and Finance Assistant Professor Coordinator BS (Accounting & Finance)
Dr. Muhammad Rafiq PhD,Agricultural University Peshawar
M.Phil, University of Peshawar
Economics Assistant Professor
Dr. Salman Ahmad PhD, Queen University Belfost, UK
MSc, University of Stratthclyde, K
MBA, BBA (Hons), University of Peshawar,
Management Accounting Assistant Professor Coordinator MS (Management) /PhD(Management)
Dr. Muhammad Nouman
(HEC Scholar)
PhD,University of Southampton, UK
MS & MBA, University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Innovation Management; Marketing Assistant Professor
Dr. Shakir Ullah PhD, Southampton, UK
MBA, Korean Development Institute
Islamic Banking & Finance Assistant Professor
Dr Aamer Taj
(Fulbright Fellow, HEC Scholar, HEC Approved PhD Supervisor)
Post-Doctoral Research at George Washington University, USA; PhD, University of Southampton, UK; MS, University of Manchester, UK; MBA (IM|Sciences); MA Economics, University of Peshawar Public Sector Governance and Reforms, Federalism, Decentralization, Electoral Behaviour, Development Management, and Social Research Methods Assistant Professor
Dr. Fahad Abdullah
(HEC Scholar)
PhD, National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Islamabad
MBA, University of Peshawar
Financial management, corporate finance, accounting and Economics Assistant Professor Coordinator BBA
Dr.Owais Mufti
(HEC Scholar)
Ph.D, Qurtaba University
B.Sc. (Engineering), MBA, University of Peshawar
Stress Management Assistant Professor
Dr. Zahoor Khan
HEC Approved Supervisor
PhD, University Sains Malaysia
M.Phil, Islamic International University, Islamabad
Economics Assistant Professor Coordinator BSc Economics
Dr. Muhammad Siddique
HEC Approved Supervisor
PhD, Newcastle University Business School UK
MS (Management Sciences), Institute of Administrative Sciences University of the Punjab
Human Resource Management Assistant Professor Coordinator R&D
Dr. Shahnawaz Khan PhD, IMSciences, Peshawar
MS, University of Sunderland, UK
Finance/Project Management Assistant Professor
Dr. Karim Ullah
HEC Approved Supervisor
PhD, Brunel University, UK
MBA, IMSciences, Peshawar
BBA (Hons) University of Peshawar, Peshawar
Service management, Shariah finance Assistant Professor Coordinator MBA (B&F)
Dr. Muhammad Nawaz PhD Scholar at Brunel University UK
MS-IT, IMSciences, Peshawar,
Multimedia Technology Assistant Professor Coordinator MS/PhD Computer Sciences/IT
Dr. Gohar Saleem Parvaiz PhD, Brunel University, UK MA, Sheffield Hallam University, UK Management studies Assistant Professor Coordinator EDC
Dr. Furqan Aziz PhD, University of York, UK
MS, LUMS, Lahore
Computer Science Assistant Professor Coordinator IT/CS(Morning)BCS/MSc Computer Sciences
Dr. Shafiullah Jan PhD, Durham University, UK
M. Phil, University of Glasgow, UK
Islamic Banking and Finance Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Atiq PhD, University of Southampton, UK
MBA, IMSciences, Peshawar, BBA (Hons), University of Peshawar
Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Management Assistant Professor
Dr. Mohammad Sohail Yunis PhD, University of Southampton, UK
MBA, Institute of Management Studies, University of Peshawar
MA (Economics), University of Peshawar
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Assistant Professor Coordinator MBA 1.5 & 3.5(Morning)
Ms. Afsheen Khalid
(HEC Scholar)
PhD in progress
MS, Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Islamabad
Computer Engineering Assistant Professor
Mr. Zafar Habib MA, Waltham The Heller School for Social Policy & Management, USA Conflict Management Assistant Professor Coordinator MS/MSc Development Studies
Mr. Fayaz Ahmad Pursuing PhD MPA, University of Peshawar Comparative Administration Assistant Professor
Ms. Shabana Gul MS, IMSciences, Peshawar
MBA, University of Peshawar
Knowledge Management Assistant Professor
Ms. Nadia Iftikhar
(HEC Scholar)
PhD in Progress
MS, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad
Finance Assistant Professor
Ms. Fatima A. Junaid
(HEC Scholar)
MS (Mohammad Ali Jinnah University), Islamabad Organizational Behavior, Leadership, HRM Assistant Professor
Ms. Maria Ishtiaq MS (HRM), IMSciences, MBA, IMStudies, University of Peshawar HRM(Intellectual Capital Reporting) Assistant Professor
Mr. Hassan Mustafa Awan MS(HRM),Islamia College University, Peshawar, MPA (HRD),Certificate in American Politics and Public Policy (UMass, USA) Human Resource Management | Public Policy, Social Innovation & HRM Assistant Professor Coordinator MPA
Mr. Syed Zulkifal Phd, (in progress), IMSciences,
MA (HRM) school of Management Bradford University UK
MA ( Economics) University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Change Management Assistant Professor
Muhammad Arif Phd In progress IMSciences, Peshawar
M.Phill IQRA University Karachi
Finance Assistant Professor
Ms. Romy Sajjad Khan M. Phil, Political Science, University of Peshawar
MBA, HRM, IMStudies, University of Peshawar
MA-Political Science, University of Peshawar
Political Science Assistant Professor
Mr. Awais Alam Khan Phd, (in progress), IMSciences,
MS, Glasgow Caledonian University UK
Management Information Systems Assistant Professor
Dr. Shandana Shoaib PhD ,University of Southampton, UK
MPA, Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar
Human Resource Development Assistant Professor Coordinator BSc Social Sciences
Mr. Ahmad Hassan Afridi MS-IT, IMSciences, Peshawar,BCS (Hons), Iqra University Information Technology Assistant Professor
Mr. Sikandar Tangi MA, The University of Manchester, UK
MA (International Relations), University of Peshawar
Development Studies Assistant Professor Coordinator, Academic Linkages & Exchange Programmes
Mr. Muhammad Sohail Khalil MS, Abasyn University, Peshawar
MBA, IMSciences, Peshawar
Finance Assistant Professor
Mr. Fahad Ali MBA, IMSciences, Peshawar
BBA-IT, IMSciences, Peshawar
Marketing Assistant Professor
Mr. Mukamil Shah Pursuing PhD at IMSciences, Peshawar
,M.Phil Economics, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE)
Economics Assistant Professor
Ms. Laila Taskeen Qazi PhD in progress, IMSciences
MS, IMSciences
International Financial Management Assistant Professor
Mr. Zahid ullah
(HEC Scholar)
Pursuing PhD, IMSciences, Peshawar
MS, Gandhara University, Peshawar
Computer sciences (Networks) Assistant Professor
Muhammad Azam Farooq Pursuing PhD
MBA from Gomal University, DIKhan
HR and Training Enterprise Development and Small Business Management Lecturer Coordinator HRDC
Ms. Maira Zeb MPA, University of Peshawar,MS,IMSciences,Peshawar
MSc (Economics)
Economics/Finance Assistant Professor Assistant Coordinator BBA
Mr. Hamood Ur Rehman Durrani PhD (in progress), Iqra National University, Peshawar, MS (Software Engineering), International Islamic University, Islamabad, MS (Computing), University of Bradford, UK Assistant Professor
Dr. Asad Hasan MBBS,MCPS,MPH,MBA,OJT [Psy] Public Health Lecturer Coordinator MPH
Ms. Zainab Azmat MS Applied Linguistics, University of Peshawar
MA, University of Peshawar
English, Applied Linguistics Lecturer
Mr. Rafiqullah PhD, Glasgow University, UK
MA, University of Peshawar ,
English Lecturer
Mr. Shahzad Hanif MA University of Peshawar English/Buss. Communication Lecturer
Mr. Sajid Iqbal MSc HRD, University of Manchester, UK,
MA Political Science, University of Peshawar
HRD Lecturer
Ms. Maryam Jabeen PhD (in progress), IMSciences, Peshawar
MBA, BBA (Hons), IMSciences Peshawar,
Finance Lecturer
Mr. Mian Yasir Hayat MA from University of Peshawar Political Science, Politics of Development, International Affairs and Contemporary Issues, Comparative Administration of Developed and Developing Countries, Comparative Social Institutions, Political Philosophy, Comparative Politics, International Relatio Lecturer Chief Proctor
Ms. Qurat ul Ain MBA, IMSciences Peshawar Finance Lecturer
Dr. Rehmat Ali PhD, PIDE, Islamabad
MSc (Economics), University of Peshawar
Economics Lecturer
Ms. Sonia Ismat MS, IMSciences, Peshawar
MBA, University of Peshawar
Marketing Lecturer
Dr. Salma Amir PhD, University of Leeds, UK MSc, Ghent University, Belgium & Humboldt University, Berlin Germany, MSc (Hons), Agricultural University, Peshawar, Development Studies (Gender and Microfinance) Lecturer
Mr. Babar Jamil MSc HRM, Queen Mary, University of London, BS (CIS), Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences HRM Lecturer Manager, Research Development
Mr. Abdul Ghaffar MBA-Entrepreneurship, JIBS, Sweden, MSc Economics and Finance, Skovde University, Sweden, MSc Economics, University of Peshawar Economics Lecturer
Mr. Fazl-e-Subhan MA-Philosophy, University of Peshawar Logic/Philosophy Lecturer
Ms. Huma Samin MS (Computer Sciences), LUMS, Lahore, BIT (Hons), University of Peshawar Computer, Lecturer Assistant Coordinator BCS
Mr. Ali Abdullah MS, IMSciences, Peshawar
MBA (Finance), IMSciences, BS (CS) FAST-NU
Behavioural Finance/Finance/Banking & Finance Lecturer
Ms. Afia Saleem PhD (in progress), IMSciences
MS, IMSciences
Human Resource Management/Stress Management Lecturer
Ms. Mariam Durrani MS, IMSciences, MBA, IMSciences Human Resource Management Lecturer
Ms. Aisha Jabeen M.Phil (in progress), Qurtaba University, Peshawar MA (Economics), University of Peshawar, B.Ed, University of Peshawar Economics Lecturer
Mr.Sardar Daud
M. Phil -Applied Linguist(in progress), University of Peshawar, MA-English, University of Peshawar, Peshawar Foreign Language Teaching Lecturer
Mr. Mukhar Ahmad MS (Economics), IMSciences, Peshawar, MSc Economics, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad, Economics, Core Economics, Political Economy Lecturer
Ms. Muska Mukhtar MS Economics, National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Islamabad Economics Lecturer
Abdul Qadus PhD (in progress), University of Edinburgh, UK, MS, SZABIST, Islamabad Marketing, Entrepreneurship, University Industry Government Partnership Lecturer Manager University Industry Linkages (ORIC)
Mr. Adnan Malik MS, IMSciences, MBA, IMStudies, University of Peshawar Management, Islamic Banking & Takaful Lecturer
Mr. Omar Bin Samin MSc-Engineering (Electronics), Nottingham Trent University, UK Electronics Lecturer
Mr. Adnan Amin Pursuing PhD in Computer Science at IMSciences, MS (Computer Science), IMSciences, Peshawar. Data Mining & Machine Learning, Databases,Web Engineering Lecturer
Ms. Mehvesh Ali Khan MS (HRM), IMSciences, Peshawar, MBA, NUST, Islamabad Lecturer
Ms. Naheed Haq M. Phil (English & Communication), IMSciences, Peshawar, MA-English, University of Peshawar English, Lecturer
Mr. Musadaq Mansoor PhD Computer Science (in progress) from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Peshawar,MS (Computer Science) from National University of Sciences and Technology , Islamabad Software Engineering, Databases and Web Engineering Lecturer
Mr. Afraz Abdur Rahman MS (Finance), IMSciences, Peshawar BBA (Finance), IMSciences, Peshawar Finance Lecturer
Mr. Adnan Sheikh MBA 3.5, (Finance), University of Punjab Finance Lecturer

Faculty winners of competitive Full time PhD Scholarship scheme for foreign and indigenous Programmes of the Higher Education Commission (HEC)

Names Qualification Field of Specialization Status
Mr. Adnan Javed PhD Scholar at University of Southampton, UK, Under HEC-British Council (INSPIRE)
MS Management Texas A&M University USA
MBA University of Peshawar
Management Sciences Assistant Professor
Mr. Adnan Yousaf Pursuing PhD at Universitat Freiburg Germany
MS, Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering Islamabad,
Information Technology Assistant Professor
Mr. Nafees Ur Rehman Pursuing PhD at Universitat Konstanz, Germany
MS-IT, IMSciences, Peshawar
Computer Science Assistant Professor
Mr. Qazi Waheed Uz Zaman PhD Scholar at University of Southampton, UK
MS (HRM), IMSciences, Peshawar
MBA(HRM) , University of Peshawar
Organizational Behaviour Assistant Professor
Mr. Muhammad Nauman Khan Pursuing PhD at UK
MSc (Economics)
MS (Management)
MBA, IMSciences Peshawar,
Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance Assistant Professor
Mr. Javed Iqbal(Coordinator CPPR)
(Fulbright Scholar)
PhD Scholar at University of Southampton, UK, Under HEC-British Council (INSPIRE)
MA, Brandeis University, The Heller School for Social Policy & Management, Boston, USA
Sustainable International Development Assistant Professor
Mr. Shakeel Hayat PhD Scholar at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft, The Netherlands Under the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP), M.Sc Climate Change and International Development from the School of International Development, University of East Anglia Transboundary Water Politics Lecturer
Syed Shabi-ul-Hassan Pursuing PhD at University of Southampton, UK
MBA, IMSciences, Peshawar
Finance Lecturer
Mr. Bashir Hayat Pursuing PhD at Gyeongsang National University, South Korea, MS (Computer Sciences), SZABIST, Islamabad, BCS (Hons), University of Peshawar Fog Computing/ Numerical Computing Lecturer
Ms. Sarosh Shabi Pursuing PhD at University of Southampton, UK
MBA, IMSciences, Peshawar
Finance Lecturer